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Yeah,Beefheart`s trout mask is cool.I bought it last christmas,I was listening to it back in january when I had a real bad flu bug,like the kind of flu that sucks your energy and have crazyness running through your head;Trout mask is not the kind of record to listen to when your in this shape!It`s so wierd!My fav track is `orange claw hammer`,`china pig`is pure John Lee Hooker(R.I.P.) influence.I like that part at the end of `hair pie` when Zappa or Beefheart are talking to the couple that just moved in."what do you think","sounds good!"
Eggwater should get cool points for mentioning
Ornette Coleman"shape of jazz to come","free jazz" is my fav,that will be on my fav jazz albums list.
Spaceboy-cool points for you for mentioning the 2nd Palace record;It`s usually refered to as "days in the wake" but it`s not written on the album at all!That will be on my list soon.