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I couldn’t come up with ten; really weren’t a lot of new releases that appealed to me this year. But here’s my short list:

The Black Crowes- Lions
Tori Amos- Strange Little Girls
Missy Elliott- Miss E…So Addictive
Dolly Parton- Little Sparrow
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- No More Shall We Part
Mighty Blue Kings- Alive in the City

and finally….if I may quote the editors at CDNow


Although the stellar country and bluegrass soundtrack O Brother, Where Art Thou? was released in December 2000, it made such a surprisingly tremendous impact on music in 2001, we thought better than to rule it out based on a small technicality.

O Brother takes the cake.

There are also some I suspect are good but haven’t had a chance to hear, like John Frusciante’s "To Record Only Water", Buddy Guy’s "Sweet Tea", and of course the Tenacious D album.

In accordance with what Salami said, there may still be one or two good releases in December (though I’m not aware of any at this time)…so I may come back once more to edit.

take care

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