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K7 Rides Again

ah ha, but that monks intention was not to destroy. yes, I see where your going with the fanatic thing but he was peaceful, his message was just. His (the monk’s) message was to protest wrongdoing, not create it. His was a message of peace. And to burn himself to death to prove his point…to just sit there and burn, he didn’t run around screaming, he just sat…that is true believing…that is being one with all that is around us…he had achieved a much higher level of consciousness and inner peace that the rest of us will forever dream about. That is true dedication…and in this case I belive highly worthy of our respect. He was their to protest the hurting of people, rather than hurting people to protest…

<FONT>[ October 10, 2001 11:46 PM: 1 kurticus7 ]</font>