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Some of Steve Albini`s production work:
Silkworm-Firewater(the video for "Wet Firecracker" is at Launch.com )
Pixies-Surfer Rosa
PJ Harvey-Rid Of Me
Engine Kid-Bear Catching Fish
Scrawl-Velvet Hammer
Palace Music-Viva Last Blues
-Arise Therefore
Bedhead-Transaction De Novo
Bitch Magnet-Star Booty ep
Braniac-Hissing Prigs In Static Couture
Dianogah-Battle Champions
Dirty 3-Ocean Songs
Don Caballero-Singles Breaking Up
18th Dye-Tribute To A Bus
Gastr Del Sol-Mirror Repair ep
Low-Secret Name
-Things We Lost In The Fire
Man Or Astroman-Project Infinity
-Spectrum Of Infinite Scale
Wedding Present-Bizzaro
-Sea Monsters
Nirvana-In Utero
Robert Plant/Jimmy Page-Walking Into Clarksdale

there`s alot more but I think that`s good for now.