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I think SY and Albini were acquaintences…I think it’s a kind of mutual bit of fun on both sides for any pisstaking that goes on…I think Albini was the sound guy on that live album it was recorded in Chicago (Hold That Tiger), and Pussy Galore are on the cover…I own it.

There’s a Thurston tour diary where he goes on about Albini beating up some bouncers with ‘arms like whale dongs’ (very funny).

I don’t think SY were happy that Albini called a Rapeman track ‘Kim Gordons Panties’ which might be were the friendship went kind of sour…though I think Rapeman actually toured with Sonic Youth which was when they played the UK and there were feminist protests.

I need to check these facts…they were all on Blast First (dinosaur, sy, rapeman, big black)