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I´m still not sure if calling your band Rapeman is such a brilliant idea. If you want to provoke some reaction you can do it in more subtle ways. Anyway, Rapeman is a Japanese character from a comicbook who, as a form of punishment, rapes his mainly female victims, and thus (because he is the hero) rape is excused. Now, when Rapeman toured England, some gigs were canceled due to strong feminist activities at some venues. Which is rather childish, but then you´re virtually asking for it if you call your band Rapeman. And I still don´t know if there is an excuse for producing Page and Plant.
Shellac played a gig once with Stereolab here in Berlin at the Volksbühne. Pretty strange combination.
Also, there is this semi official Live album from Sonic Youth and before they play the first encore, Thurston Moore shouts something like: We´re Sonic Youth and you´re Steve Albini and then launch into a rendition of the Ramones´ Loudmouth, so from that I gathered that they are not too chummy. Does anyone know why?

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