Oh what a show….

my freedom??/
so what else is new
blowin it
everybody let’s me down (the new one, he announced a CD realease date in october)
same day
little fury things
flying cloud
get me
on the run
not you again
the lung, then blended into throw down
then a little encore….
every mother’s son
you won’t see me

I’ve never seen him solo before, and now I feel secure in the fact that he’s been my musical idol for the past ten yrs or more. NO ONE can produce sounds like that man. J, an axe, and electricity. Killing any electric guitar solo with his acoustic and pedal combinations. It blew me away, undesrcibable, loss for words, "on the brink" of losing it right there in front of the stage. I was lucky enough to get a really good recording if anyone is interested in trading a show. I think those gray hairs are giving him increased superpowers. I can’t say enough so I won’t say any more. Thanks J.