</font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>I’m coming down from Burlington….can’t wait. I couldn’t find info from Valentine’s page. Do you know prices, tix avail, opening acts???? Wher r u coming from in n.y.? I just moved from Rome. Hope to hear from you. </font><hr></blockquote><font>You moved from ROME? Dude. I don’t suppose you’ve hung out at VBLPs in Utica?

And you now live in Burlington. Where I attended three hellish semesters of college.

Too bizarre! Keep in touch! Maybe we know some of the same people, or at least venues/commercials/newscasters.

Unfortunately, though I would love to come home this summer, I had to opt for dental work instead <img> But my little sis may go. She says that J reminds her of me, and she wants to represent.

Have a great time. The show is at Northern Lights, right? When we were little my mom tried to take us there to see Jerry Lee Lewis, but he canceled at the last minute. We were in the parking lot and everything. No point, really. Just bonding from cross-country <img>

Take care, all, & keep me close in spirit!