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Den Buck thats the kind of alarm clock that deserves to be smashed b4 it goes off, preferably with a baseball bat!!!

Mattman are you talking about mariah carey? If yes, you would have to pry me off the roof if she did that high pitched squeak, apparently thats supposed to be thrilling <img> Glad you came to your senses <img>

Malcom I wish I had that problem, I sleep so lightly pretty much anything wakes me up <img> Maybe you need to experiment with the alarm clock from hell deal, you might find something horrifying that will work for you. My suggestion is a canadian singer called anne murray….ohhhh she is so evil…song called snowbird. If that doesn’t get you up in record time nothing will!!!

DS I don’t know what song that is but good luck with it.

I’m going to add Don’t to my Hellish Alarm Clock <img>