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Here’s an overview over mp3 downloading platforms in the
post-Audiogalaxy-world as far as I know.
Completion or correction is welcome… <img>

I think KaZaA is the biggest mp3 platform now. The problem with KaZaA is, that it forces you to d/l a load of spyware, which tells the spyware-owner about everything you do on your PC (and it slowed down my PC dramatically). There is also KaZaA lite (it delivers KaZaA without spyware) but this site seems to be down at the moment <img>
By the way: To remove spyware from the PC you can d/l, install and run the program ad-aware .

Another big site for mp3’s is WinMX , which has no spyware. There are enough users there, so one can find rare songs, too.
They have functions like multi-sourced downloading, where you d/l one file from several users at the same time, which goes really fast.

The others like blubster , grokster or filetopia (and some others more) seem to have not so many users online, so that it is difficult to find the rarer stuff (but I might be wrong…) filetopia still hasn’t got the new version up, with which they promise to launch groups etc.

gnutella seems to be big, too, but I haven’t got experience with it.

None of these programs is fully comparable to AG, though. I’m missing the easy satellite queuing (no thinking about which user is online, who has which file etc), the search by genre, the groups, of course… <img>