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And there was summer. Life was life, nothing more but maybe a whole lot less. Times were not good, they were barely times at all. But after climbing the mountains and burning the trees I found the way out of my mind and into reality. I ducttaped my heart and spotwelded my soul. And then there was J. Or at least the tell tell signs of a new album; allison, salami and all the other members in the cult of J frantically counting the days, waiting for the unveiling. There were words about songs and praises for tourdates. And I’m not sure ’bout how I felt or what I did, but those who know me told me I was smiling. It could be a start. It’s certainly not the end. And so I think I’m positive, I know I’m also counting the days. Optimistic. For no matter what the album sounds like, it will be good. And everything will feel right. Be right.
I’ll never conquer, I might never excell.
But I’ll never cave in and drop back into hell.

I apologise for my stupidly long post, and the fact that it’s most likely totally uncomprehensible for most of you guys.

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