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Hey Tony,

I have no idea what model my Gibson is; I’ve looked it up (via serial number) in several databases, to no avail.

The old guy that gave it to me said that it was either a 1966 or ’67. He’d put these decals on it, by the pegs; one is a dragon and the other is a tiger. When I was home (NY) this summer, we ran into each other at an open mic and he laughed at me for keeping the decals; he said "I thought for sure the first thing you’d do was take em off". But I like them, they add history & character.

The body is pretty small, which fits me just fine. I was having the thick-sound problem, but a friend of mine who owns a guitar shop recommended the phosphor bronze strings– man, what a difference.

I use medium-gauge strings (I tend to break the light ones), and I use Dunlop nylon pics in a variety of widths (depending on what kind of sound I want).

Man, I love my guitar. You should see it; the headstock has been broken & glued back together, and half the tuning pegs were reapplied at an angle. It’s my mutant child.