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This will answer your question [img]images/smiles/converted/smile.gif[/img]

Direct from Watt

hey all!

next watt tour:

latest spiel:



* next watt gigs! *

we go speedro

featuring adam gaxiola and jerry trebotic
yet another angle (a pedro longshoreman one)
on the coltrane via stooges perspective

friday, july 20 at 10 pm
at fais do-do
5253 w. adams,
los angeles, ca
(323) 469-5719


feel stephen perkins, memphis willie, nels cline, norton wisdom and watt go toe to toe in the middle of your brain cells

saturday, july 21 at 11 pm at di piazza’s
5205 e. pacific coast highway
long beach, ca
(562) 498-2461

from http://hootpage.com/hoot_twfps-live365.html

listen to the watt from pedro show!

listen to live internet radio! catch the watt from pedro show. for 56k and higher connects. right now featuring watt’s second show since his return to the airwaves (via the net), live from the wild kingdom at the pleasure point on july 3, 2001. assisted by brother matt (who also throws some spunnery on the "brother matt’s spin cycle"
segment about a third of the way through the show). if you already have a streaming mp3 player (or for free – real player for mac and pc or soundjam mp free for mac), plug in for "open url".