I don’t remember the name of the first band, but they were very very good. It was four Asian kids who all looked really young, and instead of having the vocalist front & center, the bass player was up front. Most of the songs were very bass-oriented, slow, heavy, and dreamy. I wish I could remember their name, because I would definitely go see them again.

The second group was called Dealership, and they seemed to have a pretty strong following. This was three people– a young woman who sang, and played keyboard and guitar; a male bass player who sang, and a drummer (who resembled a pudgy Jimmy Chamberlain) who also sang. They were a little too arty for me, and kind of reminded me of watered-down Yo La Tengo at best. But to their credit, they were very tight and confident and well-received. Just not my bag, musically. I was surprised when a lot of people left after their set. I wanted to shake them and say “Do you KNOW what you’re going to miss if you leave now?â€