I was the one who actually found those particular piss bottles. I was rooting around the floor of the van looking for my bottle of water. When I thought I had my hand on it I pulled it up and was horrified to see that it was, as Watt says, "kidney filtered water." I dropped it in disgust only to come up with another as I again tried to find my bottle of non-"kidney filtered" water. At this point I looked at J and he had alook of horror on his face. You see, J and myself have no qualms about pulling over to take a whiz. The irony is that while the rest of us are in the gas station or whatever, pissing in the toilet, Watt stays in the van and makes use of those nasty bottles. Needless to say, we try to get Watt to vacate the bottles as often as possible (in the morning I try to get to the van before anyone else to trash any potential piss bottles) but Watt seems to always have one somewhere. I guess being in the company of greatness comes with a price tag. One thing for sure, touring with Mr. Watt is seldom a bore!