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Hey CJ
Good to hear from you again,I think you should go the guitar route;there`s enough people making electronic music,there`s enough people making guitar music too but I think you can`t beat the sound of a guitar.
I did`nt get a chance to be a musician,I bought a guitar when I was in my early teens,took guitar lessons which I did`nt like,but at that time I did`nt know alot about music,after I quit the lessons I started learning about music other than top 40,I had musician friends but they did`nt want to help teach me some guitar stuff;actually they we`re not really friends,a friend would have helped me out.So I have a guitar that I don`t know how to play,alot of things are broken on it too,there was always something broken on it!I do have a chord book to help me out but since it was broken so much I did`nt get much a chance to learn to play,I guess I gave up and thought being a fan and musicologist type would be better for me than being a musician.