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K7 Rides Again

well everybody involved…thanx for all the info and ELJ thanx for taking the time to write out all the lyrics so now I don’t have to go looking for them. I absolutely love this song (really grabs me by the gonads for some reason) Guess it has something to do woth the control aspect. Just like J’s lines "less and less about are reasons…and more about who’s in control". Definately felt like losing it sometimes. Can think of past girls where it applies…getting better at it now though. Learn the lessons of life from our past experiences/mistakes, know ourselves, and change ourselves…or forever succumb to the darkside.

Drivin’ and cryin’ summed it up nice…word up Tones!

If I’m not too tired after work tomorrow I’ll break out something that’s long since overdue…Kurticus7 to the intro. section please.
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