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I was at the Shank Hall show. I think I was standing almost right behind you, FogLight b/c I remember you going off and buying two cds during the show.

Yes it was a great show. I am a fairly new Dinosaur Jr. fan, but I love J’s music and was amazed by his performance. This was actually the first time I had seen him perform. I couldn’t believe that there were that few people there. So many people missing out!! I really like "Out There" but it was totally ok that it wasn’t played because he played so many others that I am already familiar with. After the show I had the privelege of thanking J and shaking his hand. He was very sincere in returning my thanks and looked me in the eye the entire time I had his attention. It was truly an honor being there and definitely worth blowing off my nite class. And next time J comes around, I will be there…