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Here are mine ( in no order )

1) Ramones, for obvious reasons I think
2) Sonic Youth – 20 years, my ears my ears; do I need to say more and well, look at all the bands who supported them over the years.
3) Pixies, in a way that Kurt said that with Nevermind he basically tried to copy Surfer Rosa. Still the blueprint for the indie scene.
4 Velvet Underground, yesssssss and in their wake the Jesus and Marycahin
5 the Smiths, well I´m not a big fan but there are certainly a lot of bands in Britain who want to be the new Smiths
6 Stooges. I think the whole Scandinavian Rock´n´Roll scene would be unthinkable without the Stooges
7 Talulah Gosh, They invented Indie Pop in 86
8 my bloody Valentine,- now this would take too long to explain, but there would be no Stereolab without my bloody Valentine
9 Blondie- Blueprint for perfect pop and finally
10 the Doors, the blueprint for your common band of wankers. Now the doors are probably the most overrated band of all and if good old Jim hadn´t snuffed it in the seventies they would be completely irrelevant by now, yet that doesn´t stop sad acts like the Cult trying to copy them.
Yes I´m very tolerant and you can love what you like but the Cult are beyond redemption.

Oh yeah, and I should add, that this is a very personal list. Of course I know that the Fall, Joy division, Kraftwerk and the Birthday Party were more influential than Talulah Gosh, but they are so obvious choises. And I blame much of the Crossover bullshit on Faith no More, but this is an influence I could well do without. I only threw in the Doors for good measure .

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