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Talulah Gosh are not too well known in north america,I know one of their tunes and I know they eventually became Heavenly.Their influence on twee pop/cuddlecore bands is quite great.The Talulah song I know is the one with the lyric"some of my best friends are bastards like you"what`s the name of that tune dimpfelmoser?
Slint`s influence on 90`s indie rock is great,alot of bands picked up on Slint`s sound,which was a reinterpretation of Sonic Youth and Big Black.
No one mentioned the Cocteau Twins?they pretty much invented the shoegazer stuff,bands like MBV added a more noisy approach than the Cocteaus,mixing SY and JAMC in there as well.
The MC5 and Stooges influence is wide to alot of bands,and VU deffinitely was also.
Alot of good bands mentioned there.