Just heard that the Dinosaur Jr Book books are being shipped over the next few days and so anyone who has per-ordered should make sure their address is up to date. You can do this via the link that was in their original order confirmation or drop an email to [email protected].

Can’t wait to get a physical copy of this thing! I was lucky enough to get an early digital copy and I have to say it is worth every penny.  The book takes you through the history of the band from their time in school to now in their own words. It was amazing to hear the perspectives from the creators of what has been on heavy rotation in the soundtrack of my life. Lots of things I had never heard before. The Jon Felter diaries in the signature edition is brilliant. So glad he kept those notes. So many good stories!

The only place you can get it is at DinosaurJrBook.com! you will not see it on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble.


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