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Whatever’s Cool With Me

Whatever's Cool With Me

J Mascis – Guitars, Vocals, Drums
Murph – Percussion
Mike Johnson – Bass, Vocals

Engineers - Mitch Easter, Garry Rindsuss*, Larry Anschell, Michael Mainier III, Rick Parashar, Sean Slade, Wharton Tiers

Track Listing

  1. Whatever’s Cool With Me [ Video – US Version / UK Version  ]
  2. Sideways
  3. Not You Again
  4. The Little Baby
  5. Pebbles & Weeds
  6. Quicksand (David Bowie, additional lyrics by J Mascis)
  7. Thumb (live)
  8. Keep the Glove (live)
Whatever's Cool With Me Press
Whatever’s Cool With Me Press


Consists of one single, the title track, and 7 B Sides.

Quicksand is a mutation of David Bowie’s “Quicksand” and “Andy Warhol” with some changes to the lyrics.

“The Little Baby”, “Pebbles + Weeds”, and “Quick Sand” are the B-sides from The Wagon single released in 1991.

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