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Water – Boston 5-19-1991

Dinosaur Jr – “Water” (also released as “USA 1991” & “Sludgefest”)
J Mascis, Murph and possibly Mike Johnson on bass –  Don Fleming & Jay Spiegel were not on the recording as I thought before.
Citi Club, Boston, MA on May 18, 1991

One of those released under various names but all with the same tracks.  Also of note it was J, Don Fleming & Jay Spiegel for this show.  They also all performed together on “Better Than Gone” from “The Wagon” 7″ single.

Full show setlist

  1. Severed Lips
  2. No Bones
  3. The Lung
  4. Water
  5. The Wagon
  6. Keep the Glove
  7. Blowin’ It
  8. I Live For That Look
  9. Freak Scene * Not on bootlegs
  10. Kracked
  11. Thumb
  12. Budge
  13. Sludgefeast

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