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Out There

Even though the cover has an old picture of J, Murph & Lou this bootleg was recorded in 1997 on the Hand It Over tour and the lineup at the time was J Mascis, Mike Johnson & George Berz. Brilliant radio recording


  1. Out There
  2. Never Bought It
  3. Repulsion
  4. Feel The Pain
  5. Get Me
  6. Freak Scene
  7. Sludgefest
  8. Alone
  9. So What Else Is New?
  10. Lung
  11. Can’t We Move This
  12. Just Like Heaven (The Cure)

Tracks 01-09: live at the Water festival, Stockholm, Sweden, August 13th 1997
Tracks 10-12: live at the Bizarre festival, Cologne, Germany, August 17th 1997

Download at the amazing FreeSoFree

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