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Mike Watt / Hellride East – Brownie’s NYC – 5-20-2000


  1. >intro<
  2. Funhouse*
  3. 1970 (I Feel Alright)*
  4. >chat<
  5. Real Cool Time
  6. Little Doll
  7. Down in the Street
  8. Loose
  9. TV Eye
  10. Dirt
  11. I Wanna Be Your Dog
  12. 1969
  13. >chat<
  14. Shake Appeal
  15. I Got A Right
  16. >chat<
  17. No Fun
  18. >outro<


Hellride East:
Watt: bass \ vocals
J. Mascis: Guitar
Murph: Drums
Steve Fletcher: Sax on *

“Wattasaur Jr doing Stooges covers!…ya can’t beat that!

First time the master has been transferred into the digital world!…Liberty called, and I answered!

This was one of Watt’s first gigs after his sickness. He used the Stooges tunes to work his way back into playing again…then became a Stooge himself…but this is where it all started…He was doing several of these songs in his own sets on previous tours, but there are many here that he did not.

There is a video of this gig, and I know b\c I held the camera fer a buddy…he left and said thanks, and that I would get a copy fer sure, since ya know, I held the camera fer him the whole show so he could capture a DAT recording…never did get the DAT, nor the video, and he has fallen off the planet…oh well…we have this here, and it’s pretty dern sweet…”

thanks to RLBayers

Download at Archive.org

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