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Hand It Over

Hand It Over

J Mascis – "A Buncha Crap"
Mike Johnson – Bass
George Berz - Drums on "I Know Yer Insane"
Kevin Shields - Vocals on "I Don't Think" & "Never Bought It"
Tiffany Anders - Vocals on "Never Bought It" & "Mick"
Kurt Fedora - Bass on "Alone"
Dan McLaughlin - Keys on "Sure Not Over You"
Donna Gauger - Piccolo Trumpet
Bilinda Butcher - Vocals on "I Don't Think"
Varsh Farazdel - Vocals on "I Know Yer Insane"
Mixed by John Agnello

Track List

Hand It Over Press Image
Hand It Over Press Image
  1. I Don’t Think
  2. Never Bought It
  3. Nothing’s Goin’ On
  4. I’m Insane [ Video  ]
  5. Can’t We Move This
  6. Alone
  7. Sure Not Over You
  8. Loaded
  9. Mick
  10. I Know Yer Insane
  11. Gettin Rough
  12. Gotta Know

The Blanco Y Negro version came with the Take a Run at the Sun single which contained the songs “Take a Run at the Sun”, “Don’t You Think It’s Time”, and “The Pickle Song” which were in the Alison Anders film “Grace Of My Heart” in which J also appears.

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