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Green Mind

Green Mind

J Mascis – Vocals, Guitar, Producer
Murph – Drums (Tracks 1, 7, 9)
Joe Harvard – Guitar, Tape
Jay Spiegel – Drums, Tambourine, Tom-Tom
Don Fleming – Bass, Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Sean Slade – Engineer, Mellotron
Tom Walters – Assistant Engineer
Matt Dillon – Backing Vocals (Hot Burrito #2)
Recorded at Fort Apache North

Track Listing

  1. The Wagon [ Video  ]
  2. Puke & Cry
  3. Blowing It
  4. I Live for That Look
  5. Flying Cloud
  6. How’d You Pin That One on Me
  7. Water
  8. Muck
  9. Thumb [ Video  ]
  10. Green Mind
  11. Hot Burrito #2 (Flying Burrito Brothers cover)
  12. Turnip Farm 
  13. Forget It 

 Previously released b-sides added to the Reissue in 2006. Not on the Original pressing.



Major label debut and the first album without Lou Barlow. The cover photograph, Priscilla, 1969, is by Joseph Szabo and taken from his book of photographs Almost Grown [Amazon].

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