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J Mascis - Vocal, Guitars, Tim Tom Cymbal, Big Muff
Lou Barlow - Vocal, Bass, Casio, Back cover art
Murph - Drums, Vocal, Casio
Chris Dixon - Engineer
Glen - Engineer
Maura Jasper - Cover Art
Jason Talerman - Photography
Recorded at Chris Dixon's House

Original Track List (1985)

  1. Forget The Swan
  2. Cats in a Bowl
  3. The Leper
  4. Does It Float
  5. Pointless
  6. Repulsion
  7. Gargoyle
  8. Severed Lips
  9. Mountain Man
  10. Quest
  11. Bulbs of Passion

Originally issued with the original band name of Dinosaur on the cover. After the band changed it name, subsequent pressing were issued with the new band name of Dinosaur Jr.on the cover.

“Bulbs of Passion” was not featured on the original vinyl LP; it was a b-side to the “Repulsion” single. Subsequent reissues on cassette and compact disc featured it as the last song. The 2005 reissue on Merge Records placed “Bulbs of Passion” as the first track at J Mascis’ request. “Yeah, I asked for that,” J recalls, “because [that song] gave our new direction – it felt like we were our own sound.” Also featured was a 1985 live performance of “Does It Float” as a bonus track to close out the album.

Dinosaur 1985

Dinosaur from the Reissue Liner

Merge Reissue Tracklist (2005)

  1. Bulbs of Passion
  2. Forget The Swan
  3. Cats In A Bowl
  4. The Leper
  5. Does It Float
  6. Pointless
  7. Repulsion
  8. Gargoyle
  9. Severed Lips
  10. Mountain Man
  11. Quest
  12. Does It Float (Live) *
  13. Minor Threat (Live) ** (Minor Threat Cover)
  14. Gargoyle (Live) **

* from The Metro in Chicago, IL. USA performed on 11.30.05
** Japanese Release only

This is a test pressing of the first Dinosaur Jr record , when we were called Dinosaur, the first record I sang on .. so dismayed and embarrassed was I by my adenoidal vocal performance on ‘cats in a bowl’ that I bore down on the vinyl with a blue ball point pen making the song unplayable and satisfying some pointless self-destructive urge.. my mother pointed out that this mirrors my fathers efforts, as a young man, to poke out the eyes on any picture of himself ..” –  Lou Barlow

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