J couldn't open for the Truckers but Keegan can!!!
  • Hey guys, I'm pretty stoked (Thanks Tony) I just found out tonight my young (16 yo) Scorpio friend that I've mentioned here several times, most recently in regards to Sebadoh, just got asked to open for the Drive By Truckers at the 40 Watt in January. I'm so happy for him. He has been a pet project of mine for a few years now and has that something that makes him stand out among all the others. I noticed that no one brought it up here but J was to open for the Truckers a few weeks ago in Boston and I was stoked about that! That would have been a perfect night of music but I found out J had to cancel before the show. I heard he cancelled because he was attending Noel's (trusty Capricorn Sound guy's) wedding. I don't always listen as well as I should so I wouldn't consider that to be a fact but...I would love to see J play with the Truckers! As far as Keegan Argo goes, this is the beginning! Keegan was so sweet with my husband and I awhile back, he said he was so grateful for the fact that we always encouraged him and believed in him...and I told him.....Me plus 2 on his guest list forever, that's all I want.
  • OMG....I just called Keegan to tell him congratulations (his Mom called me with the news) and he said..."actually it sucks"...."Why"?, I asked, and he said "because it makes me realize how much I hate my band"....Oh, that makes me feel so sad...I told him..."well, there are things that only you can fix" and he said "yeah, but not before January"....if any of you are FB friends of mine, you can see his post. Damn Scorpio...get Happy!

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