Dino in Nijmegen 2008-07-10
  • Awesome show in a small venue. And they played much longer than usual, with aprox. 85 mins. 2 (!!!) encore sets. AND THEY OPENED WITH SEVERED LIPS !!! :shock: AND THEY PLAYED THE LEPER !!!

    Severed Lips
    The Leper (!!!)
    Back To Your Heart
    Forget The Swan
    Been There All The Time
    Out There
    Pick Me Up
    Little Fury Things
    Just Like Heaven
    The Wagon
    Feel The Pain
    Batman Theme (no shit - they REALLY played it)
    FReak Scene

    More later...
  • Cool. Nice to see Repulsion back in there too.

    My brother left me a message the day before that show (7/9) saying that he'd just seen J and the baby at an Amma gathering in NYC. So he must've gone straight from the gathering to JFK airport.
  • man thats a mighty righteous set list. they seem to be getting better as they go on.
  • Not a new question, but:

    Is the latest consensus that the guys are going to keep this going or are they going out with a bang this year or are they leaving it open-ended :?: It's all harmless speculation, I know...
  • id been wondering the same thing. i hope for at least 1 more album.
  • Dinosaur are ALIVE & WELL. They've been together again & constantly touring the world for 3 years now and they are still playing awesome shows, you can clearly see that they are having a good time and are enjoying themselves, musically they are getting better with every tour and they seem to have built up a "brotherhood" kind of friendship over the years... and J has recently said that he's already toying with the idea of another album... you can be sure they'll be around for a while... ;-)

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